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100% Treated Corten

General informations

HABITAT is our first indoor lamp very useful for growth and wellness of plants. Exceptional for your most delicate plants such as: flowering plants, bonsai, succulent and horticultural ones. Thanks to the stand supplied, it will be possible to position it easily and adjust the light directionality due to the practical jointed stem. Finally an effective solution to solve the problem related to lighting phyto-stimulant in your home.

The recommended use for best results is place the lamp at a vertical distance from the lens from 10 to 40 cm. Expose plant to light cone around 8/14 hours during the day depending on the plant.

Contact us for requests and custom versions [some examples? custom size, alternative materials, custom colors]


You can contact the Customer Care writing in the section "Contact us" on the right corner below on the screen.

Our customer care include: consultation, illumination system planning and post-selling support


  • 1x HABITAT lamp

  • 1x Jointed Stem

  • 1x Metal Base diam 30cm

  • 1x 20W Dedicated Power Supply

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