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100% Steel

General informations

VOLTA shape recalls the celestial vault, as well as the light it projects. Designed for ease positioning near the bushes and coloured flowerbeds, thanks to the spike fixed in one extremity that allows its movement and inclination on a fulcrum.

It is available in two sizes with its accessories. The easy installation to your illumination system is possible thanks to plugin connectors.

Its body is durable in 100% Steel. Designed for outdoor use, VOLTA is resistant to weather and atmospheric agents of every seasons.


You can contact the Customer Care writing in the section "Contact us" on the right corner below on the screen.

Our customer care include: consultation, illumination system planning and post-selling support


If you have a 230V illumination system read the section “More Info” for correct compatibility. For a deep examine of optional functionality of the system consult FAQs section.


  • 1x Volta lamp

  • 1x Connection cable: 2m

  • 1x 20W Power supply (if selected)

  • 1x Integrated metal stake

NEW! Contact us to know about shipping costs and delivery.

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