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  • Dove posso trovare la LEGENDA dei simboli riportati nelle schede PRODOTTO e sul SITO?
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  • Why choose the lighting kit?
    It is a complete system that is economical because it does not require the intervention of professionals to perform the installation. It is modular and anyone can decide where to install the lights and create their own system by themselves.
  • What is the length of the cable of the single spotlight instead? Can I extend it somehow?
    The cable supplied with the spotlight is 1 meter long. If it does not reach the chosen position for the spotlight, an extension can be purchased in the 1, 3 or 5 meter versions as needed.
  • Is KIT SPOTLIGHTS dedicated only for linear lengths?
    No, the use is very versatile: the cable, being of the soft type, easily follows shapes and paths: edges of pots, perimeters of flower beds, borders, planters, etc. It is sufficient to think about the position of the various points to be illuminated to make the cable arrive easily.
  • How many attachments are there along the cable to position the spotlights in the two different types of SPOTLIGHT KIT?
    In the KIT 2 spotlights there are two PLUGs (plugs); in the one with 4 spotlights there are 6. In the last case, to further expand, one or a maximum of two additional spotlights can be integrated (to be purchased separately) to house them, for example, on vases close to the path to be illuminated.
  • Can I make a system with a 2-spotlight and a 4-spot KIT? Do I need to change the transformer too?
    It is always advisable to measure the space to be illuminated in order to purchase the most suitable SPOTLIGHT KIT. Even if the cables of the various SPOTLIGHT KITS are modular and complementary to each other, it must be considered that the maximum load must NEVER exceed 6 spotlights, because that is the capacity of the transformer (40W) supplied with the 4 spotlight KIT: otherwise it can be irreparably damaged (it is advisable to contact CUSTOMER SERVICE who will be able to provide all the support and useful advice for FREE).
  • For which spaces is the light beam of the KIT DIXI 2 or 4 spotlights suitable?
    The diffuser of the DIXI spotlight allows a wide light beam (90°) which can be managed at will as the spotlight is adjustable, suitable for large hedges or medium height bushes. The main feature of the DIXI KIT is its versatility: use is not limited to bushes alone, but is ideal for a series of flowerbeds, or any pot or green area.
  • Can you design my system if I can't decide which SPOTLIGHT KIT to buy?
    Using the kit does not require special advice because the size of the cables usually determines the size of the system. However, if you are undecided or fear making a mistake in choosing the right SPOTLIGHT KIT, you can send us photos, drawings, plans, measurements or special customization requests. Our CUSTOMER SERVICE will be happy to resolve questions for FREE.
  • Why choose a 12Volts lighting system?
    Because it is safe as it works at low voltage and eliminates the risk of electrocution which could instead occur in a traditional system (animals, children, green maintenance, etc.). Furthermore, it does not cause failures in the system to which it is connected (circuit breaker intervention and power failure in other areas of the home).
  • Is it cheaper to install a 12Volt lighting system?
    To create a 12V low voltage system, excavations are not necessary because the installation of cables under mulch, pebbles or other decorations or with a minimum of burial is permitted. Consequently, the work in terms of time is very fast and allows a considerable saving of skilled labour.
  • How can I know if my green space has the characteristics for a 12Volt system?
    All spaces are suitable, it is only a choice of the client. If you do not make use of the advice of a designer, our customer service is available for FREE to evaluate which products are suitable.
  • How can I connect the transformer if I don't have the 220V current column?
    KIT FARETTI works at low voltage (12Volts) but to activate it it must always be connected via the transformer to the mains. If there are no connections dedicated to the garden or terrace system, the MULTIPLE SOCKET can be purchased for sale in the accessories section: suitable for outdoors, equipped with a spike for convenient positioning, it works at both 12V and 220V. See the installation tutorial for further explanations.
  • What advice can you give for unobtrusive cable installation?
    The ideal is to fix the cable to the irrigation pipe already present or to be installed (in this case it is done at the same time). The green of the foliage will hide it, or in the absence of it, you can add mulch or decorative stones (see the tutorial for a perfect result!).
  • How can I request your design advice?
    We have a dedicated CUSTOMER SERVICE section where you can send emails, contact by phone and send photos, ideas, videos or your projects to request a personalized lighting system. The service is FREE.
  • Can the transformer be out in the open?
    Yes, the transformer is suitable for outdoor permanence.
  • I also bought the twilight sensor, how should I adjust the switching on and off?"
    The sensor automatically detects the day-night cycle: it manages switching on and off automatically, without the need for additional commands. Watch the DIXI KIT installation tutorial which also indicates the ideal housing for this appliance.
  • How do you connect the spotlight to the PLUG connection of the cable?
    After having housed the spotlight in the ideal position, insert the connector into the socket located along the cable and screw the ring nut clockwise to seal the joint (please refer to the instructions supplied with the chosen KIT or contact CUSTOMER SERVICE for clarification).
  • What can I do if I inadvertently damage the cables?
    The outdoor cables have no junction points and cannot be repaired (therefore they are resistant to external agents). In case of damage they must be replaced to avoid malfunctioning of the system (contact CUSTOMER SERVICE for help in case of purchase of the part to be replaced). N.B.: In the event of a manufacturing defect, it should be remembered that the standard guarantee is valid for returns and free replacements (see TERMS AND CONDITIONS).
  • How do I replace the LED inside the spotlight when it gets worn out or damaged?
    Replacing the lamp is very easy and does not require the use of any tools. The DIXI spotlight has a diffuser that is unscrewed manually and screwed back in the same way after replacing the LED; even the FLEXI can be easily unscrewed thanks to the supplied Allen key (refer to the instructions indicated on the DIXIPI and FLEXIPI spotlight). We recommend the purchase of original spare parts in order not to compromise the correct functioning of the system (see SPARE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES).
  • I already have a traditional 220Volt system: can I integrate a 12Volt low voltage system?
    Of course, there are different methods based on the layout of the system: by replacing a lamp with a socket, for example, the 220V system can be connected to the 12V one. It is always recommended to customize using our free consultation.
  • Can I buy spare parts separately or do I have to buy the whole SPOTLIGHT KIT again?
    All components can be integrated and are available as spare parts (see SPARE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES). KIT DIXI and FLEXI thus have a lifespan that is far superior to other systems on the market (replacement of components such as spotlights or LEDs, for example, or parts that have deteriorated over time such as cables or simple pegs).

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