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Plastic & carbon fiber

Plastic Material

General informations

MIRA design was conceived to not appear during the day and to amaze during the night. The idea was recreate a small one bright and dynamic tiny star. If you install it together with other models of the same type it is possible to obtain a small dynamic "constellation" of great effect.

Once fixed it will be a breeze to complete the effect. Its resistant and flexible stem will swing create the effect like fireflies.

The fixing is firm in the terrain thanks to the integrated spike at the lower extremity. His head is in plastic, while its stem is in carbon fiber. Designed for outdoor use MIRA is resistant against weather and atmospheric agents in every season.


You can contact the Customer Care writing in the section "Contact us" on the right corner below on the screen.

Our customer care include: consultation, illumination system planning and post-selling support


If you have a 230V illumination system read the section “More Info” for correct compatibility. For a deep examine of optional functionality of the system consult FAQs section.


  • 1x MIRA lamp

  • 1x Integrated Spike

  • 1x 1 m connection cable

  • 1x 10W Power Supply (if selected)


  • 3x MIRA Lamps (x1: 100cm; x1: 150cm; x1: 200cm)(replaceable LED)

  • 3x Integrated spikes

  • 1x 1 m connection cable

  • 1x 3 way connector

  • 1x 20W Power Supply


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