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100% Aged Steel

General informations

The design of this CACTUS is inspired by the Arizona Saguaro. Clearly visible even during the day thanks to the etched color which will pop out every time. Great in various environment: in the middle of the greenery or along a perimeter wall, a column, or alone in a flowerbed. Ideal for modern and sophisticated gardens or for a coherent setting with the article.

The easy installation to your illumination system is possible thanks to plugin connectors.

Made of a very durable structure, 100% Aged Steel,  they are designed for outdoors use, resistant to weather and atmospheric agents of every season. Its warm white LED spotlight creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Contact us for requests and custom versions [some examples? custom size, alternative materials, custom colors]


You can contact the Customer Care writing in the section "Contact us" on the right corner below on the screen.

Our customer care include: consultation, illumination system planning and post-selling support


If you have a 230V illumination system read the section “More Info” for correct compatibility. For a deep examine of optional functionality of the system consult FAQs section.



  • 1x CACTUS Lamp

  • 1x 20W Power Supply (if selected)

  • 1x Connection cable: 1.5 m


5.2W LEDs

NEW! Contact us to know about shipping costs and delivery.

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