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100% Copper


100% Inox

General informations

The FLEXI spotlight  is crafted with a a warm and welcoming light, so versatile and elegant. Its simple and minimal design is ideal for any garden. Its particularity lies in the malleable stem which allows it to be mould freely. The light can be directed as desired then you can fix the spotlight to the soil firmly thanks to the included spike at the bottom, finally it is very easy to install and to include in your illumination system thanks to plugin connectors. Surely you will love it for suits your garden to enhance potted plants, bushes, trees, or frame small spaces.

Thanks to its very durable structure 100% stainless steel and cover 100% Copper. It’s designed for outdoor use, resistant to  weather and atmospheric agents in every season.


Contact us for requests and custom versions [some examples? custom size, alternative materials, custom colors]


You can contact the Customer Care writing in the section "Contact us" on the right corner below on the screen.

Our customer care include: consultation, illumination system planning and post-selling support


If you have a 230V illumination system read the section “More Info” for correct compatibility. For a deep examine of optional functionality of the system consult FAQs section.


  • 1x FLEXI Spotlight

  • 1x Connection cable: 2 m

  • 1x 10W Power supply (if selected)

  • 1x Metal spike

flexi 30 cm

NEW! Contact us to know about shipping costs and delivery.

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